Theory and Practice

Military Region 2’s Party grasps and implements the Central Military Commission’s directive on conducting early congress

1/21/2020 7:35:27 AM

Being tasked with conducting early party congress, the Military Region 2 (herein after the MR) Party considers this a big responsibility and honour. Therefore, it is focusing its leadership and direction on successfully implementing this important task.

As one of the party organizations being tasked with holding early congresses at all three levels, the Party Committee and High Command of the MR realized that grasping and successfully making preparation and holding party congresses at all levels is very important to the success of the 11th Military Party Congress. This is also the chance for it to improve its leadership capability, combativeness and level of combat readiness and overall quality.

Grasping and adhering to the Directive 35-CT/TW dated 30th May 2019 of the Politburo, the Directive No. 747-CT/QUTW dated 23rd July 2019 of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and the Instruction No. 2008/HD-CT dated 26th October 2019 of the General Political Department on holding party congresses at all levels in the run up for the 13th National Party Congress, the Standing Board of the MR’s Party Committee has issued the Plan No. 168-KH/ĐU dated 18th September 2019 on holding party congresses at all levels in the run up for the 9th Congress of the MR2’s Party for the 2020 – 2025 term. In particular, it has required its junior party committees to grasp and seriously adhere to the directives instructions of upper echelons on holding party congress and grasping the guideline of “Inheriting, stability, renewal, creativity and development”; uphold intellect and responsibility of party committees and commandants of all levels, of the cadres, party members and the mass. Continue leadership over the implementation of the Resolution of the Congress for the 2015-2020 term, focusing on settling the existing problems; fostering the implementation of the drives, emulation movements to make achievements celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Party’s inception. It units continue to maintain disciplines, combat readiness regime, practice plans and coordinate with friendly forces in dealing with situation.

General Trinh Van Quyet at the conference on preparation for the party congresses of the MR2

The Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee has built the Program No. 243-CTr/ĐU dated 24th November 2019 to direct, prepare and organize party congresses for the 2020 – 2025 term which clearly set out time, contents and phases of preparation and commencement of the congress at each level. Basing on the plan of the Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee, the MR’s Political Department has concretized each content of each level, and implemented in a synchronous and unified manner the brief of contents and phases of holding party congresses at all levels in the MR. The Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee directly holds training for the secretaries and vice secretaries of its junior parties and head of the political organs at all levels. The training contents focus on new issues in the preparation and commencement of holding congresses at each level, especially the preparation and discussion of the documents, personnel work for party committees, election work in accordance with the Instruction No. 26-HD/BTCTW dated 18th August 2014 of the Central Organization Commission, the Regulation No. 126-QĐ/TW dated 28th February 2018 of the Politburo on “some issues on the Party internal political protection”, the instruction No. 2008/HD-CT, dated 26th October 2019 of the General Political Department. The Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee requires that the preparation of the political reports for the congresses must be conducted in a thorough, scientific and serious manner. The upper party committees must complete the draft of the political reports early so that the junior party committees have basis for the making their own ones and discussion in the congresses.

As for the preparation of personnel, the Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee has directly coordinated with the standing offices of the provincial party committees to have arrangement and consolidation of the commanders of the provincial military commands; directed the standing office of the provincial military party committees to work with the standing offices of the district party committees on the preparation of the commanders of the district military command in order to have high consensus between the MR and local party committees in the preparation of personnel for the congresses in light of the instructions of upper levels. At the same time, it has directed party committees to grasp the viewpoint of planning with quality with priority being given to quality; associating the building of party committees with the building of the presiding cadres to ensure the centralized, unified leadership and promote the role of individuals in implementing the collective decisions. Up to date, the MR has basically consolidated, and finished the planning of presiding cadres at all levels, meeting the requirement of personnel preparation for the congresses.

Together with the deployment of task forces supporting the units, the Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee has also directed junior levels to grasp and opportunely settle the emerging matters, complains, denunciation to maintain internal solidarity and promote the synergy for successfully holding the congresses. Thanks to the synchronous and unified implementation of the contents and measures, to date, 100% of the party committees of the MR have finished grasping the directives, plans, and instructions of upper levels. Party members, cadres, and soldiers have all realized the significance and importance of the congresses. The leadership and direction responsibility of party committees have been enhanced; the roles of member of party committees have been promoted; internal solidarity has been strengthened. The units holding early congresses have made careful preparation for the success of the congresses.

For the success of the early congresses, the Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee and party committees at all levels should continue to focus on the following measures: First, continue to conduct briefing and communication work on the meaning and importance of the early congresses for all cadres, party members and soldiers, and consider this a permanent task of the party committees and commandants of units. Second, have thorough management of the thought of troops, opportunely settle the emerging matters, complaints, denunciation and secure internal solidarity. Third, strictly maintain disciplines and combine the preparation for the congresses with the implementation of the 2020 tasks, ceaselessly improve the overall quality, combat readiness level and ensure security for the congresses. Fourth, party committees must grasp the principles, regulations, procedures, and contents of the congresses at each level; carefully prepare political reports and personnel for the new term; hold training in the procedure and regulations for supportive organs of the congresses; assign tasks and responsibility to member of the party committees, functional organs to instruct, direct the preparation and commencement of the congresses. Fifth, strengthen supervision, inspection, and instruction of functional organs; opportunely have direction for overcoming the shortcomings and inadequacies, etc.

Promoting the tradition of “Loyalty, Self-reliance, Unity, Heroism, and Victory”, party committees and organizations of the MR have been proactive in coordinating to make preparation for the congresses, foster emulation drives to make more achievements for the success of the early congresses.

Major General Trinh Van Quyet, Secretary of the Party Committee and Political Commissar of the MR