Research and Discussion

Regulations on organisation and operation of the Vietnam Coast Guard

7/31/2022 10:51:45 AM

In the face of rapid changes and complications in the world and regional situations, potential risks of instability in the East Sea, and the increase in traditional and non-traditional security challenges, such as: disputes over seas and islands sovereignty, piracy, smuggling, commercial fraud, maritime insecurity and unsafety, etc., Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) is developed into a core and specialised force in law enforcement, protection of sovereignty over seas and islands in Vietnam's seas and continental shelf with ever higher requirements to meet the task of national construction and defence.

As a component of the people's armed forces - the core and specialised force in law enforcement and protection of national security, order and safety at sea, VCG is responsible for: advising the Minister of National Defence to promulgate or propose to the Party and the State policies and laws to protect national security, order and safety at sea; protecting the sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of the country in the waters of Vietnam; managing security, order, safety, and ensure the observance of Vietnamese laws, international treaties and agreements according to its competence. Therefore, VCG is organised and operates under the Law on Vietnam Coast Guard approved in 2018. Accordingly, VCG is organised in a centralised and unified manner under hierarchy model from the VCG Command to grassroots level. In principle, VCG is put under the absolute and direct leadership in all aspects of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the supreme control of the President, the unified management of the Government, and the direct command of the Minister of National Defence. VCG complies with the Constitution and laws of Vietnam and international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has signed or acceded to. It proactively prevents, detects, stops, fights and handles violations of the law; closely combine the task of protecting sovereignty, sovereign rights, national jurisdiction, managing security, order and safety at sea with marine economic development. It is to rely on the people, promote the power of the people and subject to the people's supervision in task performance.

VCG sees its development and growth closely linked with the task of protecting the country's sovereignty over sea and islands. In its execution of tasks, VCG always receives the attention and guidance of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, and the support of the local Party committees, authorities and people where they are stationed, and the care of socio-political organisations, and people both at home and abroad, etc. In order to successfully accomplish all assigned tasks, VCG shall thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the resolutions, directives and instructions of the superiors, especially the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, Resolution of the 11th Military Congress, etc; focus on improving training quality and combat readiness level, building typical pure and strong Party organisations, and all-strong, “exemplary and typical” units to be really the core force in law enforcement and protection of national security, order and safety at sea.